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Ah, the invigorating smells of Springtime. The damp, musky nose of the courtroom. The smoky, sweaty aroma of the Guilty. And the sweet, sweet smell of our daily bread. 

In a century where witchcraft runs rampant and American civil law is in its infancy, nothing could be more rewarding than being a trial lawyer. In Witch Trial, you will do your best to persuade an unpredictable jury of the innocence and guilt of dozens of hard cases. 

Of course, it really doesn’t matter who lives and who dies. Because, like everything else, it’s all about the money.


In WITCH TRIAL, you play an attorney at a prestigious law firm. You will act as a prosecutor or defender in several cases involving unmarried women, free thinkers, vegetarians, the homeless, and other undesirable types. While witchcraft per se isn’t really a crime, it’s customary to bring suspects into court on related offenses, such as card playing, smoking, and tampering with the post.

This game requires lawyer-like reflexes, a little bit of luck, and the willingness to bargain when you know you can’t win.


3-7 players

45 mins

Age 10+

Cheapass Games: Witch Trial (Pre-owned)

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