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Have you trained your brain lately?

Ingenious is a name well-known by board game enthusiasts. Designed by Reiner Knizia, the Ingenious board game is a challenging way for one to four players to test their mental dexterity by strategically matching colors and shapes. It is a simple, elegant, and perplexing challenge beloved by many. Now you can enjoy three brand new challenges in the same vein as Ingenious!

Ingenious Challenges is the newest addition the Ingenious family, featuring three unique games that are sure to exercise your mind. Dare your friends to match wits with you in all three challenges and see who emerges victorious. Fan of Ingenious will find familiar footing with Ingenious Challenges, and yet the games are so easy to learn that even new players will be shouting “Ingenious!” in no time.


2-4 players

30-45 mins

Age 10+

Ingenious Challenges (As new)

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