This is a checked preowned copy of Soken Zoken.  

Although the name is in German, the rules are multi-lingual and there are no words printed in the game itself. 

There is 1 sock missing.


In the closet there is a wild mess: The naughty sock monster has rifled vigorously and left a huge mess! All socks are criss-crossed. Now it's time to "play socks!" In this search game, players must try to grab as many pairs of socks as possible as quickly as possible. But beware: some socks look similar, but they are not socks partners.Who manages to collect lots of couples and get three clothespins first? For this the players have to look very carefully and react as fast as lightning. The wild scrambling ends as soon as the first player snatches five pairs and the sock monster snatches himself.


2-6 players

10 mins

Age 4+



Soken Zoken (Pre-owned)

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