About Us

We're a family run company that was forged in the depths of Bedlam, earlier this year (2018).

We have always had a passion for gaming in all forms; board, card, dice and roleplay, leading us to be members of various gaming and roleplay groups over the years including a spell helping to run a Vampire the Masquerade LARP and helping out at a local games company.

I, Pat, am currently helping to run The Forum Games Club in Southend and am looking at opening a few more local games clubs to increase the community's access to gaming.


We have joked many times over the years about how great it would be to run a games company; to finally have a career doing something that we are so passionate about and invested in.


The idea of Bedlam Alliance Games was born.

Like most things in life, timing was everything.  But after 40 years of life (and over 20 years in retail / customer service) fate finally stepped in to guide me (with a serious slap!) onto a better path. I was finally in a position where i had the opportunity to start my own business and work for myself for the first time in my life. I knew that it was going to be long hard road, full of obstacles and stumbling blocks but it was now or never.


After 4 months of fighting the system, learning the basics and skirting the murky depths of those twin deamons of bureaucracy and red tape, here we stand on the brink of a new dawn, the start of a new life the beginning of our adventure and we hope that you will join us on our journey.