Apocalypse Chaos is a cooperative game of sci-fi adventure where players take the roles of a starship crew that faces a powerful alien threat. Choose from four different heroes, each with their own unique abilities and statistics, then work together to repel each onslaught. As the action unfolds on a three-dimensional board, you allocate dice to perform actions and fend off enemy waves. Close in for the kill with a melee attack, or activate your shields and deflect incoming attacks! 


Apocalypse Chaos also offers a "campaign mode" comprised of seven missions. Each mission has distinct goals and objectives—whether defending your ship from invaders, saving trapped crew members, collecting scientific data, or escaping from an enemy ship. Regardless of the mission you choose, player collaboration is always key to surviving your numerous enemies' vicious attacks. 


1-4 players

60 mins

Age 13+

Apocalypse Chaos

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