Another criminal is on the run, and you’re on the case. See if you can solve it before the legendary Sherlock Holmes does!


Beyond Baker Street is a cooperative game where players collaborate to solve a case before the great Sherlock Holmes does.


Over the course of the game, you must discover the Suspect, then determine their Motive and Opportunity before they slip from your grasp… and into that of Holmes himself! Each player begins the game with a handful of evidence cards that they must match collectively with the leads in front of them.


The only problem? The only cards they can’t see are their own! As the game progresses, they’ll have to rely on their own powers of deduction and clear communication with other players to follow leads and eliminate suspects. Whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!


Throughout the investigation, players take on the role of various characters from the Sherlock Holmes stories. Step into the shoes of Inspector Lestrade, Holmes’ most trusted contact within Scotland Yard, or become Mrs. Hudson, the long-suffering landlady of 221B Baker Street.


Each character has a unique impact on the game and can be help or hindrance, depending how skilled the players are as sleuths. With six replayable case files of varying difficulty, each game of Beyond Baker Street provides a fresh challenge for even the most seasoned detectives.


Contents: Rulebook, 1 Investigation Board, 3 Confirm Markers, 1 Holmes Marker, 1 Investigation Marker, 18 Character Cards, 6 Case Files Cards, 24 Evidence Cards, 28 Lead Cards (12 Suspect Cards, 8 Motive Cards, 8 Opportunity Cards, 4 Reference Cards)


2-4 Players

30 Mins 

Ages 10+

Beyond Baker Street

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