It is 2456 and planet Earth has long been abandoned. The remaining humans in existence, divided into political factions, have been in search of a new home.  Only two factions remain. As they race toward new worlds, they are not only battling each other, but a hostile alien race.  Will your team make it to the planets to establish new colonies?



Cosmic Run: Rapid Fire is a "roll and write" game in which you roll dice and write on your player sheet.  The game is highly portable, since you only need to grab a few sheets, pencils, and the dice.  In the game, the "captain" of the round rolls the dice, then players take turns choosing 1 die at a time.  The dice provide you with movement toward planets, various technologies, and attacks against your opponent.  The game is a quick and fun romp through space.  


1-2 Players

20 Mins

Aged 10+

Cosmic Run Rapid Fire

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