Once upon a time there was the happy ending "...and so the valiant prince slew the evil dragon and saved the beautiful princess!"

But in Dark Tales land it's not always that way, and not all live happily ever after.  

In the deep woods you can meet disturbing creatures who reject the light, ready to deceive their alike with enchanted items and powerful curses.  Choose wisely your companions and servants, use their intriguing abilities at the right moment, and live the plots of your own Dark Tales.


Dark Tales is a game in which the interaction between cards and magic items is the key to success: a character, an event or a sword used at the right time can determine the fate of the game.  And thanks to the different setting cards, the items you collect change their power from game to game.


Can you choose the best opportunities to create effective combinations, and thus gain the most victory points?


2-4 players

30 mins

Age 14+

Dark Tales

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