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The overriding object is to remain in the game and eventually become the sole survivor. In order to achieve this, players attack and try to eliminate their opponents.
Each player represents a Superpower controlling the Leader pieces of its own colour. By manipulating these Leaders and their Secret Agents, players gain or relinquish power in the countries of KARK.
A country is controlled when a player moves or places a Leader piece onto the red Capital circle of that country.Occupation of the Capital secures control of the country’s derricks. Oil/revenue is obtained from these derricks by having Tankers inshore to ‘transport’ the oil.

First the coastal countries are occupied, then pipelines to inland countries increase the flow of oil, provided extra Tankers are in position to receive it.
Loss of possession of resources means loss of revenue and power.

A Superpower controlling a country with small or no resources may have his Leader abandon it and attack a neighbouring one to gain possession of its greater resources or in order to weaken the power of an opponent. Another player may deem it in his interests to occupy the country just abandoned. In this way, “revolutionary situations” are constantly being created.


2-4 players 

120 mins

Age 12+

Game of Nations (Pre-owned)

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