Can you outsmart your friends and be the first to save the world from a terrible pandemic? Through the ancient Chinese art of herbalism, you’ll test ingredients, use logic to deduce the cure, and become the greatest Herbalist in the country!


Every game of Herbalism is played with a deck of 14 cards that contains 4 ingredients of varying frequency. Every round, two of those 14 cards will be set aside randomly. Those are the ingredients that will cure the epidemic.


Players take turns choosing combinations and taking actions to exchange hidden information until they can solve what two ingredients are missing from the deck. Each action consists of two parts: what a player gives to another player and what that player gives in return.


Players will exchange information this way until a player thinks they know which two ingredients are missing. Then they can take the Cure Action and choose the formula they think is the correct one. Other players have the chance to make their own guesses or follow this player!


If the player making the guess is correct, they score 3 points and anyone who followed them scores 1 point. But players should choose wisely because incorrect predictions and following the wrong answer will earn a player negative points! The first player to gain 7 points is declared the best Herbalist, and claims the ancient honor of “Godfarmer.” 


3-4 Players

15-30 Mins

Aged 8+


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