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Kaker Laker Poker (Cockroach Poker) is a set collecting game, but in reverse.

The aim of the game is to make other players collect four of a kind by, on your turn, sliding one of your cards (with a picture of a rat/cockroach/stink bug etc.) to an opponent while stating what creature is on the card.  You are freely encouraged to lie!

The player who is receiving the card has two options, either to say 'true or false' where, if if they get it right the card is returned to the player who slid it across the table and is placed face up in front of them.  If they are wrong, then the card is turned over and stays in front of them.

The other option is to peek at the card and slide it to a different opponent either stating the card that it is or stating a different critter.  The receiving player then chooses whether to risk guessing if it is the critter stated or to pass it onto another player.

The game ends when a player has no more cards to pass or if a player has a set of four matching critters in front of them.  In this case, this player loses and everyone else wins.


2-6 players

20 mins

Age 8+

Kaker Laker Poker (Pre-owned)

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