A fresh air blows on the flowery hill. This is a breathtaking beauty. Nothing seems to disturb the delicious harmony of this small paradise where flies from flower to flower, a beautiful yellow and blue butterfly …


That, it’s the sound of the orc shoe on the cute butterfly…


And here, the dwarf engineers has just installed their cannons on the flowery hill…


The gobelin wave begins to garden in the flowery meadows…


The human sorcerers thinks that the scorched earth technic is the best to garden…

A slow rumor rises from armies until, with one voice, the drums of war are calling for …




Number of players : 2 to 4 (and more later, why not, more armies, more mayhem and bloodshed)

In the war trunk, you will find:

  • 1 rulebook (multilingual)
  • 4 armies, included the Humans with witches and sorcerers, the strong and proud Dwarves, the Orcs and their giant, the cunning and  countless Gobelins: 137 Army cards (the cannon fodder of your army)
  • 5 chiefs (Gobelins have 2 chiefs, they cheat before the beginning of the game)
  • 4 Game Help cards
  • 28 Battle cards to give your orders (7 per army)
  • 18 Kharnage cards, won when you totally annihilate one of the army of your opponents
  • 12 Domination cards, won when you are the most destroyer of the game round !

Only the best destroyer will be the King of the Hill (even if nobody has an interest to take it…)


2-4 Players

20-30 Mins

Aged 7+


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