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Welcome to King of Thieves, a non-collectible bluffing card game of tomb robbing in which competing thieves gamble their reputation to steal treasure from heavily guarded tombs!

Aim of the Game
In King of Thieves players represent enterprising tomb-robbers battling to be crowned king of all the thieves! Thieves gamble their reputation with every expedition into the dangerous tombs that litter the land of Al-Shirkuh, but this gamble is worth the risk as great riches can be found. However, every thief must be wary as every tomb has a guardian to protect its riches; either a dangerous creature, or a fiendish trap to snare the unwary!

How do you win?
The game ends when one player has managed to collect 10 Treasure tokens from plundering tombs. If all tombs have been plundered the game ends and the player with the most Treasure tokens wins. If there is a tie for Treasure tokens then the player with the most Treasure and Reputation wins the game.


2-4 players

45 mins

Age 14+

King of Thieves (Pre-owned)

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