In the deepest pockets of space, there exist Power Prizms, leftover artifacts from intergalactic beings of a bygone era. Activating three prizms allows Ryderz to charge up and pass through to new destinations in the galaxy. The portal only allows one Ryder to pass through before moving on to a new location, so speed is essential to meet your goal lest you be left in the space dust. But the faster you go, the harder it is to turn, and if you run into another player's lazer, you'll crash! Who will continue on their quest, and who will be left behind?

Will it be the Galactic Waveryder - an adrenaline-fueled surfer who's seeking the next great thrill and most radical solar waves?

Or the Lazer Shark - a ferocious predator always on the hunt for her next prey as she seeks the fabled Blood Nebula to restart her species?

Perhaps the Super Sheriff - greatest of the Law Star Rangers who travels to the outreaches of the known (and unknown) galaxy to bring the universe's criminals to speedy justice?

Or will it be the Phantom Cosmonaut - the ghost of a long-distant era whose true quest is a mystery to those he encounters, but whose speed is without question as he seems to move in the blink of an eye?


2-4 Players

30-45 Mins

Aged 12+

Lazer Ryderz

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