This is a checked and complete pre-owned copy of Oddball Aeronauts.


A play in the hand card game – no surface required – where two players go head to head in a duel in the skies:

The Airships – Officers, Crew and Magi-Bots work together to outmanoeuvre, outgun and outfight the enemy


The Turbulent Skies – An oddball fantasy world where storms and monsters, or odder happenings such as Spook attacks, can both hinder or assist a skirmishing airship

The game is on! – A head to head airship showdown where your choices, tactics and luck will see you victorious!


Play Anywhere

The oddball Aeronauts deck of cards and your hands are all you need to play

  • No surface is needed
  • No other components required
  • No rules . . . okay, you do need to know the rules


Simple Gameplay

Designed to be simple yet challenging

  • Learn how to play in 5 minutes
  • Balance of tactics, choices and luck
  • Head to head gameplay


Pendragon vs Pirates

Two different dirigibles, two different decks of 24 cards

  • Customise your chosen faction and deck
  • Unique special abilites
  • More factions to come



Oddball Aeronauts (Pre-owned)

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