Team up with your fellow adventurers to Game Components rescue some of the world’s most famous treasures from Professor Evil’s spooky castle. He’s stolen priceless treasures like the Mona Lisa and the Rosetta Stone and keeps them locked up all over his citadel. Race to flip the levers and switches necessary to release them, find your way through locked doors, and rescue four treasures before the Professor stashes four in his secret strongroom!



1 game board showing the castle and the main clock  

5 character tiles

42 cards: 30 action cards (5 decks of 6 cards) 12 room cards

6 standees: 5 character standees Nathan Goodspeed, Master of Movements Edward Wyre, Lord of the Gears Irene Elder, Queen of Time Leroy Johnson, Ruler of Switches Destiny Bradshaw, Mistress of Randomness 1 black Professor Evil standee

7 markers: 6 treasure markers (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue) 1 clock marker

18 locked doors

18 treasure tiles

12 switch tiles

3 dice (Professor, Color and Clock dice) A A


2-4 Players

30-45 Mins

Aged 8+

Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time

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