This is a pre-owned copy of Sidibaba.  

Please note that it is missing 2 out of 20 event tokens and 1 out of 62 Jewel and Genie tokens.


Sidi Baba and his friends are in front of the thieves' grotto. One of them approaches the large rock blocking the entrance to the cave and cries: "Open Sesame!!!! ". With a deafening rumble, the huge boulder slides slowly to the side, revealing the entrance to a dark labyrinth. Sidi Baba and his friends decide to head into the maze, dimly lit by the glow of their oil lamps. But what is the right direction to make off with the thieves' fabulous treasure ... Hurry ... Time is running out! For the Leader of the Thieves, who has become aware of the intrusion, has set off in pursuit ...


The aim of the game for Sidi Baba and his companions, it is to enter a dark and mysterious labyrinth, navigate as best they can to discover the Treasure, share it and then get out of the maze. For the Leader of the Thieves, it is a question of doing everything possible to delay Sidi Baba and his companions so that they forever remain prisoners of the darkness.


3-7 players 

Age 14+

35-45 mins 

Sidibaba (Pre-owned)

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