This is a checked and complete pre-owned copy of Space Race, including the Rollercoaster Expansion Pack.


As Captain of your species, you fly your UFO to the notorious Space Maze, which is said to contain an ancient relic with mysterious powers.  Your mission is simple: steal the relic and conquer the galaxy.  But you're not alone, other species are docking their UFO's as we speak!  Go in there and grab that relic, meanwhile make sure those other (inferior) beings don't.


In Space Maze you will have to guide your aliens through a maze of coloured doorways.  To move through, your aliens need to find connecting doorways that equal their colour.


You can alter the gameboard by rotating the tiles, switching them or all sorts of other maze changing actions.  Of course you can help yourself that way, but everybody knows it's much more fun annoying others...


Space Maze is a fast-paced ever-changing board game of tactics, speed and irritating your so called friends.


2-4 players

45 mins

Age 12+

Space Maze + Rollercoaster Expansion Pack (Pre-owned)

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