In SpyNet, you are spymasters. Your objective: recruit agents from different branches of espionage to complete vital missions and dominate the world of undercover intelligence. This task will not be easy. You must strike a balance between recruiting agent and mission cards to your hand and deploying those cards to the field if you want to stay one step ahead of your opponents.


Working alone or with a teammate, it’s up to you to gather the information you need to recruit the best agents to complete the missions in your hand. Each mission is worth points, and the spy organization with the most points at the end of the game wins. With clever play and careful coordination, you can rise to the top of the intelligence community!


To build the best spy agency, you must act stealthily, hiding your true motivations while doing whatever it takes to get a leg up on your competition. Everyone builds their spy agency from a shared deck of cards, and often what you know about your opponent’s hands is just as valuable as what’s in your own. Gather as much intelligence as you can while recruiting new cards before making your move. Once you’re ready, deploy your agents to grow your power in the four branches of espionage or send your special agents to disrupt your opponents’ plans with their unique abilities. Only a true spymaster will adapt to each situation and display the resolve to complete their mission.


Contents: Rulebook, 34 Agent Cards, 32 Mission Cards, 10 Funding Cards, 8 Situation Cards, 16 Branch Tokens


2-4 Players

30-40 Mins

Ages 10+


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