This is a checked and complete pre-owned copy of Ubongo Extrem in German - a print out of the English rules are included.


Fast! Captivating! Simple!Fast! Because all players are trying simultaneously to cover their Ubongo spaces with the appropriate tiles.  Captivating! Because you don'twant to stop and excitedly look forward to the next round.  Simple! Because the rules for playing Ubongo are explained in only a few sentences.

And here's how the game works: Each player receives their own puzzle board and 12 tiles, all shaped differently. Then one player throws the die and turns the sand timer. Which tiles will have to be placed on each player's board is determined by the icon on the die. Now each player tries to place their tiles and solve the puzzle as fast as possible. The fastest player shouts ?Ubongo!? and is allowed to move their pawn on the common game board and take two jewels. Meanwhile the other players continue to solve their puzzle -as long as the sand timer is running, they are allowed to place their tiles and collect jewels.

The player who has collected the most jewels of one color is the winner! And that player won't necessarily always be the fastest.


2-4 players

30 mins

Ubongo Extreme in German (Pre-owned)

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