This is a checked pre-owned copy of Wordsearch Junior.

There are 2 red pieces missing, 1 extra blue piece, 3 extra green pieces and 6 extra yellow pieces.


Wordsearch Junior is a brilliant introduction to word games. It helps children to become comfortable with seeking out patterns, and gives new readers valuable practice at recognising letters and words.


The blue level is for the very youngest children: search for rows of simple pictures, such as animals or fruit.


On the next level, you’re challenged to find a picture (say, ‘DOG’) with the word spelled out beside it.


Or try the green level: a proper wordsearch like the grown-ups enjoy – but using simple words that first readers will easily recognise.


Play the full rules, or simply sit with your children and set them a word to find. Wordsearch Junior is a lovely way to get the whole family involved in early reading – and to make it lots of fun!


1-4 players

Age 4+

Wordsearch Junior (Pre-owned)

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