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Welcome to B.A.G.

We're a new business that's focused on the most important thing - YOU - the gamer.

Our objectives are simple; to rekindle the love of playing games in everyone that we can reach and to bring enjoyment, social interaction and connectivity back into people’s lives.

Our mission: to guide new gamers into a new universe of wonder, to help them to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where only gamers have gone before.

Our aim: to use our website to help build a community of gamers of all abilities, ages and experience. To help bring new gamers into the community by providing them with an easily accessible ‘gateway to gaming’ and where they can contact and meet other gamers; sharing in the knowledge and experience of the community as a whole. We also aim to provide the community with a cheap and accessible way to buy and play gateway games.

In time we will be opening a games club in Southend (Essex), called The Asylum - watch this space for details - where you can come and play games, socialize or simply to try a game that you're interested in before buying it.

Whatever walk of life you are from; Welcome to the Bedlam alliance - the doctor will see you now.

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This is where you can find all of the latest news and updates from the gaming world as well as what's happening here at Bedlam HQ

You will also find great articles and game reviews written by members of the gaming community; ideal for when you see a game you like and want to know more about it before you play or buy it!

We're always looking for articles and reviews so if you have a game you'd like to review or have an article in mind, drop us an email!


This is where we all come together to talk about our feelings... or anything else game related!

Here you'll find our Forum where you can ask questions, rant about rules or froth over a game you've discovered!




Here you will find details about upcoming events as well as lists of gaming meet ups and groups in Southend and surrounding areas 


This is where you'll find an array of different games at very competitive prices!

We sell brand new games, new releases as well as pre-owned games (pre-owned games are in The Flip Side category) so come and see what catches your eye!



Here you will find the patient (game) files; PDF rules to download, crib sheets, guides, play aids and house rules